Leggings Made for Lounging

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Watch TV Without the TV

As the mom of an active four-year-old, I’ve lately found myself gravitating toward comfort over fashion, and for a while my style suffered. Until I found *these* leggings. Believe me — they feel like pajama pants. STYLISH pajama pants.

And what goes best with stylish pajama pants leggings? A day binge-watching my favorite shows, thanks to TV Everywhere by NBC.

Watch the latest full episodes of NBC shows the day after they air, plus a live stream of your local NBC station (in select markets).

You can also binge on new fall shows – no TV provider login required.

Sign in with your TV provider username and password to watch the latest episodes of ALL NBC shows the day after they air on TV – and even complete seasons of select series! (If you don’t have a provider, you can still watch – most new episodes are unlocked eight days after airing on TV.)

NBC Everywhere Shows

Just a few of the shows you can watch include:

I am loving Heroes Reborn — I remember watching Heroes when it first came out, and it’s so fun to see how the characters have developed and progressed in the years since.

And The Blacklist has been one of my favorite shows since it premiered. I love Red’s character and Liz is awesome.

With the holidays approaching, you’ll often find me curled up in bed with my laptop and NBC Everywhere playing.

Are you ready to binge on your favorite shows? I’m giving away a $50 Visa gift card so you can get some lounging attire and do the same!

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What show would you watch first on NBC Everywhere?




Arena Blake

Arena loves bright colors, things that sparkle, and any occasion to get dressed up. Follow her style adventures on Always, Arena, a Dallas fashion blog. She also writes about parenting, crafts, and recipes on her Dallas mom blog.


  1. I believe we would enjoy watching the Kings of the Highway. I did not realize that NBC had such an app. This is great news for my family;)

  2. I would watch Blacklist first. I love this show because it has lots of twists.

  3. I have been wanting to watch Grimm so I would pick that first! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I would love to watch The Blacklist first because I have heard great things about that show.

  5. I’ve been getting scolded for missing a lot of good shows – I’d like to watch Sir Crispin Crandall – it sounds fun and just what I’d like!

  6. I LOVED Heroes when it first came out and watched it religiously. I’d watch Heroes Reborn, definitely!

  7. I want to see Chicago Fire. It looks like a very good show. I would binge watch all the episodes!

  8. I would watch Chicago Fire. I saw one episode of it when I was flying home from Vegas in March and thought it was pretty good.

  9. I don’t have a TV because there isn’t anything I want to watch. I’ve heard that Chicago Fire is good.
    Thanks for the contest.

  10. I would probably watch Parks and Recreation for the hundredth time, I adore that show.

  11. The Blacklist would be the first, although I like many of their shows

  12. Chicago Fire is on my list to watch. I’d be all over that first. Lol

  13. I would like to watch the “Kings of the Highway” show
    Thank You for the chance

  14. The first show that I’d watch is The Blacklist. I’ve heard great things about it but I’ve never gotten around to watching it.

  15. We absolutely love Undateable- it’s laugh out loud funny.

  16. I would watch the blacklist, Chicago fire’ and dateline. Also what are the brand if the leggings….so cute!?

  17. It is a tie between Blacklist and Grimm. I ~need~ to catch-up on both!

  18. I absolutely love the Chicago Trio! Fire is my favorite but PD and Med are great too!

  19. I have Blacklist DVRd but I’m really looking forward to the Dolly parton special coat of many colors this holiday season too!

  20. I would go with the classics like Amazing Stories or Quantum leap – if it must be a new show, it would be Blacklist

  21. Id like to watch the Blacklist. Ive never seen that show but it looks nice

  22. The first show I would watch on NBC would be Chicago Fire :)

  23. I Love Grimm. I’d like to see the 1-2 shows I’ve missed.

  24. I love the Blacklist. It’s one of the few shows I watch in realtime.

  25. The show I would watch first from NBC Everywhere is the voice. I have not watched it this season,. and I would like to soon.

  26. I would first like to watch Heroes Reborn on NBC everywhere. I loved Heroes and am curious to check out the new show.

  27. I would watch The Voice, I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it for a long time.

  28. I would get myself caught up on the Blacklist.

  29. I can’t wait to watch Heroes Reborn. I was a big fan of Heroes, and watched all of them. I want to know what direction they are going to take these next episodes.

  30. They all look great, but I would love to watch most is definitely Heros Reborn! I can’t wait to see it!

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